I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a camera in my hand whenever I went on a trip. As I observed the beauty of nature all around me, I somehow had a deep desire to capture Gods handiwork and the sense of awe that I felt in seeing what He has made and capturing those images. In 1999, after completing 23 years in the construction trade, my wife and I moved from the Pacific Northwest to the beautiful state of North Carolina. Since moving to North Carolina, my former job as a residential appraiser has taken me many miles over all kinds of back roads of the South and the East Cost, a perfect opportunity to satisfy my desire to capture many of those “Aha, I see a picture” moments. While visiting with my daughter on holiday, my laptop was open on the desk displaying a slide show on a screen saver I had created showing about 23 of my favorite photos. My daughter noticed them and asked where I got those pictures. I told her that I had taken them in my travels. Her response was, “Dad, you should do something with your pictures.” I think most photographers have been told at one time or another, ‘You should do something with your pictures!’ From that beginning, to my current interest in travel writing & photography, I am enjoying many new adventures and opportunities, along with my wife Jeanne.

For most of my adult years, one of my favorite subjects to photograph has been old barns. I’ve always had an interest in architecture and I find the simple design of barns, and the stories they tell, to be among the most fascinating structures. In 2010, I began producing calendars I called “Bills Barns.’

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